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General Information

All tourists (excluding Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian passport holders) who wish to travel to Bhutan require a visa and must book their holiday through a Bhutanese tour operator or one of their International partners. The tour operator will take care of visa arrangement for the visitors.

In keeping  with the Tourism Council of Bhutan's Policy of "High value,Low Impact tourism a Minimum Daily Package is required for tourists.

There are various kinds of tour packages for all kinds of tourists. The tariff for package tours is set by the Tourism Department of Royal Government of Bhutan. The Government fixed tariff includes services of accommodation, transport, guide, meals, entrance fees for monuments and charges for cultural program, if any.

Visa is required for traveling to Bhutan which is processed and arranged by Tiny Paradise  Tours and Travel.

Druk Air and Tashi Air is the only Airlines flying to Bhutan. The flights offer most scintillating spectacle of the snowcapped mountains which would remain etched in your mind forever. Please note: Tashi Airline is recently launched and flies only to PARO - Bangkok - PARO.

Bhutan's currency is Ngultrum (Nu.) with 100 Chetrum = 1 Ngultrum. The Ngultrum is fixed to the value of Indian rupee.

Due to wide range of temperature and climatic conditions it is advisable to carry appropriate clothing including thick woolen clothes. Loose and comfortable clothes are advisable although shorts, hats, or caps are not permissible inside the religious institutions.

A comprehensive list for your package: clothes as per season, sunglasses, pair of casual shoes, knife, hat, umbrella, camera, films and accessories, insect repellent, hand cream, small sewing kit, torch or flash light with spare batteries, sun cream and first aid box.

a) All tour payment shall be made in US dollars or in any convertible currency acceptable to the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan and shall be made in advance to Department of Tourism for the visas to be processed.

b) When advance payments are not possible, the Tour Agent shall arrange to deposit its counter value in local currency which shall be released on receipt of the tour payment in convertible currency.

c) The Department of Tourism shall not process tourist visa applications of those Tour Agents who are not able to deposit advance payments either in convertible or in local currency.

d) The exchange rates shall be based on the rates published by the RMA from time to time. Any loss or gain resulting from exchange rate difference or fluctuation shall be entirely at the risk or the benefit of the tour operators / agents.

e) As far as possible, all tour payments shall be routed through either Bank of Bhutan or Bhutan National bank. 

f) Payments must be received either by telegrahic transfer to an overseas account of the two banks mentioned above or by means of a bank draft or bankers cheques drawn in favour of Department of Tourism. In all the cases, the name of the local tour agent as the "beneficiary" shall be clearly stated.

g) Bank charges involved shall be borne by the local tour operator or agent abroad as may be mutually agreed between them. Department of Tourism shall have no responsibility in this regard. 

h) Any other modes of payments other than the ones mentioned under

f) above, especially in cash, are illegal and are discouraged by the Department of Tourism. However, under certain circumstances where payments are received in such forms, tour operators shall declare to the Department of Tourism alongwith proper documentary testimonials supporting the mode of payments and the amount. Any such payments without the supporting documents shall be considered illegal and shall be liable to be confiscated as per foreign exchage rules.


Tour programs booked and subsequently cancelled shall be subject to cancellation charges as follows:
a) Within 30 days of the start of the tour programme - Free
b) Within 21 days - 10% of the rate
c) Within 14 days - 15% of the rate
d) Within 7 days - 30% of the rate
e) Less than 7 days or
cancellation without notice - 50% of the rate
f) After arrival in Bhutan - 100%

a) There shall be no charge for the number of days of delays in arrival of visitors due to weather conditions, Druk Air problems or road blocks.


All travelers except Indian residents require visa for traveling to Bhutan.

In order to process Bhutan visa we require clear readable colour copy of passport (page containing passport number and face picture in JPEG or PDF format) at least 20 days prior to date of entry into Bhutan. Remaining validity of passport should be at least 6 months from the date of exit from Bhutan.

Tourism Council of Bhutan issues visa clearance letter closer to traveling date which we email or fax you or your local travel agent. Travelers are required to produce aforesaid visa clearance copy at the time of check-in for Druk Air flight while those entering Bhutan by surface via Phuentsholing or Samdrup Jonkhar, they are required to produce this Visa Clearance letter at the Immigration counter. Actual visa is stamped at passport on arrival in Bhutan.

Visa only service is not offered in Bhutan, guests have to buy full service tour package from local tour operator that includes accommodation, guided tours, transfers etc.

Visa fee of US$ 40 (increased from Jan 2013) must be included in the tour package cost.

* Guests are required to have multiple entry visa for india if they are traveling to Bhutan from India and again returning to India from Bhutan

The minimum daily package rate to be applied by Tour Agents shall be fixed by by the Royal Government of Bhutan. This package rate will be an all-inclusive rate. The break-up of the daily package rates into its component items viz agent commissions, discounts, royalty and other levies and the details of payment procedures are given in the Schudule of Tariff for International Tourists, 1999 at Annexure I of these Rules and Regulations

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Some Usefull Travel Tips

-Travel / Medical Insurance

You should not travel internationally without travel insurance.


Bhutan's Currency is Ngultrum (NU). It is at par with the Indian Rupee which is accepted as legal tender in the country.


Bhutan offers immense opportunities for photography especially during outdoor  sightseeing trips.   However you should check with your guide before taking pictures or filming inside Dzongs, tamples, monasteries and religious institutions as in some area photograph/filming is not permitted.

You are free to capture images of landscape, the panoramic views of mountain ranges, rural life,  flora and fauna, distinctive Bhutanese architecture and the exterior of Dzongs and Chortens.


Some of the Banks that you can avail of while in Bhutan are the Bank of Bhutan Limited,   Bhutan National Bank, Druk PNB and the Tashi Bank. Traveler's cheques can be easily   withdrawn and exchanged for local currency. Many of these banks provide Internet banking facilities. ATMs are also located within all main towns throughout Bhutan, where money can be   withdrawn using a Visa or Mastercard. For concerned travelers a list of ATMs locations throughout Bhutan is found here : ATM Locations

-Travelling Kits

Bhutan experiences great variations in its climate. In general Summers are warm  with average daily temperature of 20 to 25 degree Celsius, while winter temperature falls below 15 degree Celsius. Trekkers will need to bring appropriate warm clothes and comfortable hiking boots preferably with ankle support and a weather-proof to complement the weather and rugged  terrain.              Other suggested items to pack includes:

 -A pair of sunglasses
-Flash Light
-Antiseptic Cream
-Sunscreen lotion
-Spare camera batteries
-Travel Sickness tablets